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America on globe of the World Cool American English is by far the best place on the web to Learn American English. Being able to communicate in English has never been more important. With foreign trade and growing tourism, people from Argentina to Mongolia are using English to communicate, even if they are not from an English speaking country!

Why Learn American not British?

Although the language actually began in Britian, American English is the most popular form of the language today. Much of the world’s movies, music, and books come from America. Learning American English is also easier than learning British English for most students. The American Accent has been evolving for centuries, and today is much easier for many foreigners to understand. For travel, work, or any other international purpose, learning American English is the way to go.

Cool Videos for your Accent

American Celebrity Britney Spears Our site has many cool sources to help you learn and understand American English. If you look through the site, you will find many music videos, commercials, and American accent videos. All our videos have subtitles, lyrics and new vocabulary listed on the right side of the screen to help increase active word usage, and speak better, more colloquial, more natural American English. We are constantly updating our site with new resources to make learning easy and fun. Tell your friends, and start learning to Speak English like an American today!