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Cool American English Facts

1. there are over 540,000 words in the American English Language

2. McDonalds opens a new restaraunt every 13 hours"

3. Roughly 95% of all Americans eat at McDonalds or Burger King at least once a year

4. Roughly 4.5 million native american indians live in the United States

5. about 50 million American do not have health insurance

6. Tiger Woods earns over $35,000 every hour

7. About 1/3 of all of the money in America is in California

8. Alaska is America's largest state

9. Over half of all African Americans in the US live in the South Eastern states

10. American English is the most popular form of English in the world

11.- America uses over 25% of the world's energy

12.- Roughly 90% of the Canada's population lives within 100 miles of the US border

American Celebrities

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Brad Pitt

Learn American English while learning about one of the sexiest and interesting men in the world

Barack Obama

Learn about the life and rise of the 44th, and first black president in American History

Britney Spears

Learn all about the Queen of Pop. Improve your American English by learning the Vocabulary words on the right side of the screen!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Learn about the success and the trials of this American icon. Vocabulary words on the right side of the screen!