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American English Vocabulary from this Video

put on a show - to perform

put on a show kind of girl- A girl that likes to put on a show (perform)

backseat- this is referring to the backseat of a car

gotta- in this context "gotta" means "to need to" or "must"

ringleader- this phrase usually just refers to the leader of a group

to call the shots- to make the decisions

firecracker- a small type of firework that explodes

ya- in this context "ya" means "you"

gon'- colloquial way to say "going to"

to trip- slang for "to become angry, upset, or emotional"

to be able to hang with someone- slang way to say "to be as good with someone at something" or "be able to keep up"

to run a tight ship- to manage things very efficiently

to run something- to manage and/or make the decisions for something

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