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American English Vocabulary from this Video

lil' - colloquial form of "little"

wit'- short form of the word "with"

NBA- National Basketball Association

out back- in this context "out back" means "behind the house"

take a dip- take a swim, go swimming (usually implies for a short period of time)

gotta- in this context "gotta" means "got a" or "to have a"

shoe closet- a closet just for shoes

kicks- slang for "shoes"

to be big- in this context this phrase can mean "to be as big (physically)" or "to be famous or well known"

from downtown- a phrase used in basketball meaning "from behind the 3-point line"

condo complex- a group of condominiums (similar to apartments)

'cause- short form of "because"

word- in this context "word" is slang for "yes" or "yeah" (usually to agree with someone or emphasize something)

Lil' Dez Rap

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