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American English Vocabulary from this Video

texas hold'em - A variation of the card game poker

to fold, to hit, to raise- all phrases used in playing the card game poker

to be hooked- extremely attracted or addictited to something

poker face- a face not showing any signs of emotion, excitement, sadness, etc. (used while playing cards in poker to not let others know if you have good or bad cards)

to read someone's face- to know what someone is thinking by the look on their face

hard pair- a term used in poker for two cards of the same kind

'cause- short form of the word "because"

to bluff- to tell a lie, to lie (not tell the truth)

stunnin'- short form of the word "stunning"

glue gun- device shaped like a gun that releases hot glue

chick- colloquial term for girl

casino- places where people gamble

hand- someone's set of cards during a round in card games

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