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American English Vocabulary from this Video

chyea - in this context means "yeah" or "yes"

no clouds in my stones- he is referring to his diomonds (probably). The best diamonds are not cloudy or foggy at all

Rocafella- a record company the Jay-Z is affiliated with

fly higher than weather- in this context means to fly higher than clouds and storms in the atmosphere

G5- a type of jet airplane

chips- peices used in gambling that are worth money

rainy day- a day when things go bad or wrong

lil'- colloquial form of "little"

you have my heart- a way of saying "i am in love with you"

'cause- short for of "because"

I'ma- colloquial way of saying "I'm going to"

'till- short form of "until"

the cards are dealt- in this context this means the situation has already occured

hand- the group of cards received during a round in a card game such as poker

'till- short form of "until"

Riahnna - Umbrella

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