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American English Vocabulary from this Video

help me out - collquial way of saying "help me"

it's all a blur- i can't remember clearly

'cuz- short form of word "because" (same as word "'cause")

hangover- the negative effects of drinking too much alchohol the night before (headache, feeling sick)

to be broke- to not have any money

fake ID- "ID" is an identification card. Fake is an ID card that is counterfit or not yours (usually used to buy alchohol).

motel- a small hotel

spare me- means "don't give me", "don't say", or "don't do" something to me

dirty looks- unfriendly looks(to look at someone in an unfriendly way)

cash out- to trade in something of value for money (usually gambling chips)

shut up- be quiet, or stop talking

put your money where your mouth is- to show you have as much money as you say or act like

vegas- short form of "Las Vegas"

get hitched- to get married

class ring- a ring you get when you graduate high school

you got me into this- means that you are the reason i like this

S.O.S.- a cry for help used in the military/p>

vegas- short form of "Las Vegas"

tear up the town- to be reckless or crazy on the town

Katy Perry - Waking up in Vegas

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